My first post


This is my first post, so I do the usual thing of rambling about the tech stack that my blog is running on!

So, lets begin, first of all lets start with my home network.

My Router gets its connection to the cyberspace via an Xyzel VDSL Modem.

The Router

My Home Network is powered by a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro 8, running OpenWRT.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro8

I got that router for free due to the eMMC flash being dead. After a failed repair attempt I built a OpenWRT image with an appropriate Linux CONFIG_CMDLINE (future blog post?) which enabled me to boot and run it off a USB Drive.


An OpenWRT'ed Ubiquiti AC AP Pro which I also received for free due to it being defective, provides me with a wireless network, thanks to OpenWRT it also offers KRACK countermeasures and WPA3.

It had a blown overvoltage Diode, unsoldering the diode got it working again.

(thanks Ubiquiti for not saving 15 cents on an OVP diode)

My Homeserver

Connected to my Router, and housed in a Chenbro RM21600 chassis is my Server, it's a modern, but still, a fairly modest machine with its specs being :

This machine was built to be power efficient, and well, with an average power draw of ~18 Watts it definitely reached that goal.

And running on that beautiful machine is a good ol' FreeBSD, my OS of choice.


And my blog is currently being served by httpd which is nicely jailed and behind a reverse proxy, I will get rid of the reverse proxy in the future, until now it worked fine, but I honestly don't see any good reasons to be using one.


For now, the Blog is being generated by Zola, a pretty good and fast SSG, a good Solution for now until I have written my own WebServer and Static Site Generator.


That's it for my first blog post! Now there is atleast something on my Blog :D

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